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Ethereum Significantly Less Private Than Bitcoin, New Research Shows

Ethereum transactions are even easier to de-anonymize than Bitcoin due to its specifics, but a lot of it comes down to careful usage of mixing tools.

by Cointelegraph By Andrey Shevchenko , 8 hours ago

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False Alarm? Bitcoin Upsurge to $9,600 Is a Weak Futures-Driven Rally

The price of Bitcoin rejected $9,600 as data shows the futures market led the BTC rally from $8,700 to $9,600.

by Cointelegraph By Joseph Young , 8 hours ago

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South Korea's ICON Releases Blockchain Interoperability Protocol

South Korea’s largest public blockchain, ICON, has released its Blockchain Transmission Protocol, allowing individual blockchains to interact and communicate with each other.

by Cointelegraph By Jack Martin , 9 hours ago

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Reddcoin (RDD) Nears PoSV v2 Activation, Clearing Way for Explosive Developments

Reddcoin (RDD) Nears PoSV v2 Activation, Clearing Way for Explosive DevelopmentsAlbuquerque, NM – May 29, 2020 – Feisty underdog and first generation cryptocurrency Reddcoin (RDD) launched the PoSV v2 consensus algorithm activation process on Christmas Eve 2019 enhancing all facets of support of the native lightning-quick blockchain to a self-funding independent model. That work has culminated in recent days and will be activating shortly, marking […]

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by PR , 9 hours ago

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GSX Group’s New Digital Securities Venue Tokenizes First Client Shares

Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group's recently launched GRID venue has tokenized the shares of adtech firm tribeOS.

by Sebastian Sinclair , 9 hours ago

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Coinbase Now Supports Tezos Staking Rewards for UK and Some EU Users

Major crypto exchange Coinbase is rolling out Tezos staking rewards for users in the United Kingdom and three European countries.

by Cointelegraph By Marie Huillet , 10 hours ago

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Blockchain ID Solution Aims to Tackle Spike in Delivery Fraud Amid Coronavirus Measures

Nuggets, a digital identity and payments platform, has developed a way to accept deliveries without needing a physical signature to combat a spike in fraud during the coronavirus pandemic.

by Sebastian Sinclair , 10 hours ago

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Bitcoin 896-Day ‘Accumulation’ Will Now Spark $100K Bull Run — Analyst

A giant repositioning since December 2017 is about to come to a close, claims Positive Crypto, leading to new price all-time highs.

by Cointelegraph By William Suberg , 11 hours ago

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Canadian University Adds Two Blockchain Programs to Meet Job Demands

Canada-based York University will start two new blockchain education programs in September 2020 in order to meet rising demand for professionals in the field.

by Cointelegraph By Mohammad Musharraf , 11 hours ago

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It’s Tough Getting Approved in Gibraltar, Says Green-Lighted Crypto Derivatives Exchange

It's tough getting regulated on "the Rock," says crypto derivatives exchange ZUBR.

by Paddy Baker , 11 hours ago